The EllBee 10 Steps to Travian Success

Well, there’s not going to be 10 steps, it just sounded cool. This guide is for an aggressive player of any race.

Basic tenet: Raid raid raid. Kill kill kill. Be cold, be heartless, be unmerciful, and attack everything in sight. *All* resources go to troops and what you need to make more troops, and *all* troops are constantly outside of your base.

This guide consists of three phases. Phase 1 is getting raiding up to speed. Phase 2 is securing colonization areas. Step 3 is creating infrastructure and making the transition from raiding to simming.

PHASE 1: Playing the Mongol, or “How I learned to stop worrying and LOVE THE CLUB”
This phase is the only one that is significantly different from race to race.

First thing you should do is to wait at least 2 days to register your account. You do not want to spawn near the center. Waiting up to a week will not set you back in the long run – remember, the further out you go the better the farmland is and the less competition you have, and usually the later you register the further out you are located.

*Teuts* Teuts have the easiest time early game. When you register, check around to see if there are a few of your neighbors that are too small to have troops or traps and are out of beginners protection. If so, proceed to step 1b.

Step 1a. If you are surrounded by people that are still in beginners protection, complete all of the quests up until the point where it has you choose “economy or military”. You should be able to do it in about a day. Choose the military option. Build the macemen and keep building till the nearest neighbor is out of BP, and send the forces.

Step 1b. If you are surrounded by at least a few people that are out of BP, IMMEDIATELY level main building up to 3, build a rally point, build a barracks, and build 2 macemen. Yes, you have enough resources, and yes, you can trust me on that.

Step 2. Set up a raiding system. (Explained later in this section so I don’t have to go through the same damn thing for all 3 races.)

Step 3. Build macemen.

Step 4. Send macemen out.

Step 5. Go back to step 3.


When sending raids, do not worry if there are enemies in the bases. Macemen are cheap and plentiful and trust me, wiping a tough target is worth it for a Teut.

Once you reach about 150 macemen, research spearmen. Keep enough spearmen to number 1/8 of your maces, in case any of the gauls you are attacking decide to get revenge with TT’s. Once you reach 300 macemen, research axemen, scouts, and paladins. Build 10 scouts, 2 axemen, and keep paladins going. Use paladins to raid only SOFT TARGETS.

Continue building troops till your crop consumption reaches about 1500, expanding your raiding area as you go along. At this point, move on to Part 2.


Gauls are good raiders as well. They are not QUITE as good as Teuts, but they do have their advantages. The main strategy for a gaul raider is to pick smart targets that do not have much in the way of cavalry defense.

1. Complete quests till you hit the “build a barracks” quest.
2. Build 5 phalanxes.
3. Raid 2 pop inactives and other small targets and build up to about 30 phalanxes.
4. Build to research TT’s. Make sure your phalanx army does not drop below 15 or so.
5. Build TT’s, stop building phalanxes. Use them to raid exclusively. Keep building more and more TT’s until you hit about 1500 crop consumption, or the point at which no more troops are needed. Move on to Part 2.


People who think Romans can’t farm are fools. I’ve seen a Roman be top 1 raider before. All it takes is a strategy and smarts.

Romans do *not* use their infantry for raiding. They are slow, expensive, and don’t carry as much as a maceman. In other words, they cannot compete there. The focus of the aggressive Roman is on the Equite Imperiatoris, the 14 speed cavalry unit.

1. Do the quests till you build 2 legionnaires.
2. Raid and build till you get 75-100 legionnaires. Do NOT research or build Imperians. They are not much better at raiding for the resources than legionnaires.
3. Research Equites Imperiatoris.
4. Build as many Equites Imperiatoris as you can.
5. Pick smart targets. Your EI’s are expensive. Don’t run into Teuts with spears and always scout new targets first.
6. Once you hit 1250-1500 crop consumption, move on to part 2.


A good farmlist makes a good farmer. Without it, we would all be stuck.

First, download Firefox. You might be able to do this with other browsers but I do not know how to set it up.

Make a grid of 7×7 areas. They go out in a spiral with respect to how close they are to your village. Here is a sample grid you can use if you want:

— — — — 38 — — — —
— 50 43 30 22 31 44 51 —
— 42 26 14 10 15 27 45 —
— 37 21 06 02 07 16 32 —
41 25 13 05 01 03 11 23 39
— 36 20 09 04 08 17 33 —
— 49 29 19 12 18 28 46 —
— 53 48 35 24 34 47 52 —
— — — — 40 — — — —
(Copy and paste into Notepad in order to make it look better.)

Raid starting with 1 and moving on for about 6 hours, then restart at 1.

Organize each number in its own bookmark folder, in Firefox. If you have a dual, tell him to do the same or use Foxmarks to share your bookmark folders as RSS feeds. The page you save as the bookmarks should be the overview of the enemy village. When opening the bookmarks, right click on the folder and hit “open all in tabs”. This will allow you to quickly click through the attack process, using an assembly-line-like method of going through your bookmarks. Cntrl+tab cycles the bookmarks.

Happy hunting!

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PART 2: Expanding: Playing Alexander the Great, or, “Yes, damnit, IN YOUR BACK YARD!”

It’s time to found your new village! Congratulations on making it through the farm revolts and destroying your enemies to make it this far.

Begin by building your Main Building and Academy up to 10, building a Town Hall, and building a RESIDENCE up to 10. Use the town hall to party like a rock star till you have the required culture points, building settlers at the same time. Not that complicated, just be sure to keep the settlers out of your village after you build them. Best thing to do is to trap them in a friendly Gaul’s traps, but failing that, use them to raid far away 2 pop inactives.

Now that that’s all done with, time to find a suitable spot for your next base.

Use a crop finder to find a 15c with as high oasis bonus as you can, preferably 125% or even 150%, although 100%’s will do in a pinch. Immediately send settlers to that place. Try to get it within 30 squares or so of your capital and make sure there are farms around. You’ll need them.

As soon as you are settled there, send enough resources to build what you need to produce your farming unit. (Macemen for Teuts, TT’s for Gauls, and EI’s for Romans.) Build that unit. Repeat part 1 and develop your village till you can found v3, then go on to part 3.

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Part 3: Playing the Russian

Now it’s time to build your hammers. You already have one of the components, a 15% 15c that is acting as your capitol. Keep raiding there, it’s worth it, but I’m not going to detail what to do with that village.

Your villages should all be partying non-stop to get you the culture points to expand quickly. Keep that in mind.

Now, you need to found supporting villages. Look around the area in your 15c and found villages on 5iron/5clay/5wood spots that have 75% oasis bonuses on their big resource. Keep them as close as possible, especially if you are playing a Roman, with their cruddy merchants.

Build those villages up so that all the fields are at level 10, you have a level 20 marketplace, a town hall, and level 20 walls. That’s really all you need.

You will also need to found 2 troop depots. The hammer to the anvil of your capitol. Remember, you cannot build Great Barracks or Great Stables in your capitol, so you need a place to build both your offensive and defensive armies. Find 2 nearby spots, preferably 15c’s or 9c’s, but they can really be anything. Build them up with all the troop production facilities, and make one your offensive base and the other your defensive base.

Send all extra resources from your production bases and your raiding operation to these troop depots. They should, ideally, be able to produce your main attacking or defending units in barracks, stable, great barracks, great stable, and workshop constantly, creating a huge army in no time flat.

Here’s a diagram of what should be your economy:

1 Capitol / Raiding base / Troop depot
2 Army bases / Production facilities
16+ Resource plants / Culture points factories / Defense points

The capitol should send extra raiding resources to the army bases. The resource plants should send their extra resources to the same place. Then, store the army bases’ production in the capitol so that they don’t starve.

You’ve now got a true, grade-A, powerful account.


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